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Investor-Friendly Websites

Economena Analytics helps publicly listed companies increase their appeal to private investors and improve their information sharing practices with existing shareholders. We provide standardized and custom-tailored world-class websites that promote investment transparency using easy-to-use content management systems. To confirm our commitment to increased transparency and to the development of investor-friendly websites in the Middle East and North Africa region, we have developed affordable options for small and medium publicly-listed companies. Please contact us for a free quote.

Multiple languages
It is our duty to ensure that every foreign or domestic investor has wide access to your company's disclosures, so we provide companies the ability to cater to investors with multiple linguistic skills (Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Armenian, and Farsi).

Financial results and annual reports
Public companies are required to publish their financial results on a regular basis. Economena helps your company streamline the publication of latest financial reports and figures using hassle-free content management systems. We prepare advanced visualizations to simplify complex financial results and make them understandable by and accessible to the widest possible target of potential and existing investors. Whether you are looking for a partner to design and translate your existing annual and quarterly reports, or you are simply searching for a web partner to help you optimize information sharing with clients, Economena Analytics will stand by you.

Ownership structure and subsidiaries
Letting your shareholders know who's in and who's out of your investor roster has never been easier. Economena now offers plugins that allow you to easily make any changes to the ownership structure of your company or to equity stakes in other businesses.

Investor presentations
Large or small, businesses have the duty of communicating operating and financial performance to their shareholders. Economena can help your company design and implement investor presentations, including charts and graphics, from A to Z by leveraging a team with extensive financial, consulting, and media expertise. Using our experienced translators, your investor presentation can now be shared with domestic and foreign investors alike.

Stock information
Both domestic and foreign, investors will always look to your website for the latest stock information. Regardless of whether information on stock markets is easy or difficult to access, investors depend on your corporate website to track their investment. To that end, Economena offers seamless plugins that incorporate stock price and trading information with 15-minutes delay.

Existing and potential investors can be strategic partners in your company's success. However, they often face significant hurdles in accessing comprehensive and comparable investment information. Factsheets, typically in the form of 2-5 page text and graphics, help such investors gain a solid overview of your company's activities, geographic distribution, revenue mix, financial performance, stock information, company management, and others. These are proven tools in engaging potential investors and keeping existing ones abreast with the company's overall structure and performance. Economena helps your business design, implement, and constantly update multilingual factsheets using our team of expert financial analysts and designers, and provides online content management tools to easily update your website with the latest information.

Investor space
Your company may choose to offer its investors access to advanced content, including CEO speeches, strategic plans, and market data to maintain their interest in your company and to facilitate their access to your investment information. As a result, Economena provides advanced website tools that facilitate user management and information authorization.


Tell existing and potential investors about your latest events with Economena's streamlined website management tools. We provide solutions that allow your communications team, or our team if you choose, to easily upload photos of company events to your website and automatically distribute them using your social networks.

In particular, Economena makes the publishing and sharing of press releases easier than ever. Using our standardized or customized systems, you can now upload text and images directly to your website hassle-free, and distribute them directly to your online subscribers and to your company's social network. We can help you by providing step-by-step press release drafting advice or by simply providing the content management tools.

Whether you are sponsoring a charitable event or announcing a new senior executive or an acquisition, Economena's tools help you quickly publish information to your website and promote it online.

Newsletters and Insights

Regular publications are helpful in promoting your brand image to investors and in increasing communications channels with shareholders. Economena's investor-friendly websites help your company easily disseminate regular publications, whether daily or monthly, covering business events, latest development, financial progress, and stock price updates.

In addition to our advanced content management tools, Economena is able to deploy a team of financial, consulting, and media experts to prepare regular newsletters or macroeconomic/industry insights documents that help your executives attract new investors and keep existing ones informed.
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