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Economena puts its extensive economic, financial, and consulting know-how at the disposal of organizations looking to produce world-class white label research, bilingual business news and analysis, economic reports, and bulk translation. The goal is to help large organizations boost credibility and brand image with minimal investments in specific departments, and to help small and medium businesses gain an edge over the competition by leveraging Economena’s know-how to attract clients and investors or keep existing stakeholders engaged.

Financial Reports

Economena provides access to over 30,000 interim and annual financial reports covering around 1,500 publicly and privately listed companies in the Middle East and North Africa. Our databases provide uninterrupted historical coverage as well as regular daily updates. Given the unfriendly nature of most financial documents published in the region, Economena provides customized research support to companies seeking information, in multiple languages, from a multitude of documents, including executive compensation, marketing spending, IT budgets, geographic distribution, up to the whole document.

Economena also provides time series quarterly data for complete financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement using multiple aggregation/standardization methods. Complete financials and select financial metrics are readily available for large cap companies, and are prepared upon request for the remaining ones.

Business Profiles and Intelligence

Economena prepares extensive business profiles for public and private companies operating in the Middle East and North Africa. Customized profiles can be shared using XML feeds. Our team uses latest filings with stock exchanges, annual reports, company websites, and direct contact with companies as needed to produce a complete, up-to-date profile of companies with information about management, ownership, business operations and activities, in addition to company and industry operating metrics comparisons. Additional information, including registration documents and official filings, are also available upon request.
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