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  1. What is Economena Analytics?
    Economena Analytics is a provider of advanced systems and turnkey solutions that simplify access to multilingual, multi-format economic information from the Middle East and North Africa. At Economena Analytics, you can easily visualize, analyze, and download tens of thousands of time series economic indicators and documents from hundreds of government and private sector sources.
  2. Who needs our services?
    Economena Analytics makes it easier and cheaper for economists, investment analysts, consultants, policymakers, investors, and business journalists to access, and conduct thorough analysis of, Middle East economic information.
    By joining Economena Analytics, users are able to easily visualize, analyze, and share thousands of Middle East economic indicators over the web and in print.
    Users also gain access to a dedicated team of researchers to help navigate the wide and constantly growing collection of indicators available.
  3. Who do I contact if I have a question?
    For all sales-related questions, please E-mail us at sales@economena.com or call us at +961 1 985 618 any time between 7am and 6pm Beirut Time.
    For technical questions, please write to our research team at researchhelp@economena.com or to our IT support at ithelp@economena.com or call us at +961 1 985 618.
    In all E-mail communications, please make sure to include your full name and phone number. Our staff will respond to all E-mail inquiries within one business day.
  4. How do I reset my password?
    Please request a Password Reset if you forgot your password or if you believe someone else has gained access to it.
    If you know your password, you can change it in your account profile .
  5. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications from Economena.com?
    Economena offers users the ability to track information and request notifications whenever new data or documents are published. You can manage your subscriptions directly from your account profile anytime.
  6. Which browser do you recommend for optimal viewing?
    Economena.com is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, we recommend using Chrome for an optimal viewing experience.
  7. What if I have a complaint?
    We are always looking to improve our services.
    Occasionally, however, something unexpected may prevent us from giving you the best service we aim to deliver.
    Please submit your feedback to a manager at feedback@economena.com with your full name, phone number, and account username (where available).
    We appreciate your feedback and promise to give every constructive feedback the attention of at least two individuals within Economena and to keep you updated on our progress towards achieving your satisfaction.
  8. I am having trouble signing in.
    Please make sure you are entering your username (the same as your E-mail address) and password correctly. If you forgot your password, please reset it here . If you tried the above and you are still unable to sign in, please contact Economena’s IT support here .
  9. How can I find out which indicators were recently updated?
    In the Data Library , you can view a list of indicators that were updated during the previous seven calendar days in your selected country by clicking on the tab called Latest Updated .
  10. How do I find an indicator in the database?
    There are several ways you can access an indicator in the database:
    1-Data Library: Data for each country are organized by sectors which are made up of categories, and each category is made up of a list of indicators and often times subcategories as well.
    a. Filter: You can filter through sectors and categories until you reach a list of indicators.
    b. Search: A search box is also available for a quick filtering through all indicators for your selected country.
    c. Browse all sectors: To the left of the search box, you can view a complete layout of sectors and categories for each country in alphabetical order by clicking on “See all sectors” in the bottom right corner of the drop down menu.
    2-Charting Platform: You can click on each country, and filter down by sector and category until you reach a list of indicators.
  11. How do I attribute information I find on Economena.com?
    Economena is not a primary provider of information. All data and documents are sourced by Economena from third-party information providers, including official sources and private sector associations reasonably understood to be reliable sources of information. Economena also takes reasonable measures to ensure information quality and completeness, but takes no responsibility for the credibility and reliability of such information. As a result, any data sourced from Economena.com must be sourced back directly to the primary source (available for every indicator), with a reference to Economena as a provider. Examples of preferred sourcing formats in text: “according to Ministry of Finance data via Economena” or “according to data provided by Economena.”
    For a chart source, please use the following format: “Economena: [source1], [source 2], etc…” For example: “Economena: Ministry of Finance, IMF”
  12. How do I quickly find an indicator if I know the series ID?
    In the search box in Data Library, please type in the indicator ID (series ID) preceded by with the equal sign “=”, and click on search to retrieve the indicator. You do not have to specify a country or use any filters when searching by series ID. For example, if you type in “=2999”, the indicator “Municipalities Receipts” will appear.
  13. How quickly does Economena update its databases?
    Economena is committed to the fastest possible quality data delivery. In general, Top Indicators  for each country are updated same day or next day, and the rest are updated regularly depending on popularity and express client interest and / or requests. Paid users can request same-day updates (free of charge) for any indicator in the database.
  14. Can I find everything I need on Economena.com?
    Economena strives to provide comprehensive coverage of all Middle East economies and sectors. Our databases are expanding rapidly to provide increasing breadth and depth to users. If there are any public data you would like to see in our databases (free of charge), please contact us directly.
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