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Data Library
Gain access to thousands of regularly updated, high frequency, key economic and industry data and decades of historical observations available for download for MENA economies.
If you cannot find it on Economena, let us know and we will make sure it’s added.
What’s more, with Economena’s notification and personalization options, tracking and understanding banking, real estate, fiscal, and other indicators has never been easier.
Data Library
Document Library
Economena’s library is home to thousands of official government and industry documents with economic significance.
Save yourself the trouble of plowing through websites of national statistical institutes, government agencies, and private sector associations in the MENA region. Whatever the document’s source or language, you will find it in our library.
If we have missed something, let us know and we will make sure it is available for you.
Document Library
Document Library
Our charting platform is tailored to the needs of clients with an interest in visualizing and easily identifying trends in MENA economic and financial time series data.
Economena offers users a web-based charting system to quickly find relevant economic and industry indicators and display them dynamically as lines or bars over time. The system boasts tens of modern visualization features including advanced zooming options, editing capabilities, and many more.
Charting Application
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